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Mr T
06-06-2008, 11:14 PM
I've been thinking about doing this for a long time and I finally got to do it.

Refining dry sift hash through the Bubblebags system!

Where I currently live in the middle-east it's common to get dry sift hash more than any other form of cannabis. Usually the same seller provides you good, mediocre and even unsmokable product depending on what he has available at the time. The most popular local smoking method is to press the powder hash and then roll it with tobacco. For someone who doesn't smoke tobacco such as myself, it's out of question. I've been smoking it mainly through bong hits and it's fine. However, I really miss the quality bubble hash I used to get. So here goes my first trial at refining the quality of hash and separating it into different micron sizes.

Please comment on any improvements I could make.

I've started with 25 gr of material acquired for around $120 and the 1 gallon Bubblebags system.

I crumbled and loaded it into the system with water and some ice cubes

I did some manual mixing and my friend thought about using an electrical mixer to break it all down. After the mixer was used for around a minute or two, there was almost like a milky foam look to the liquid.

We waited around 20 minutes for the material to settle down

Once we started pulling the bags the most material was stuck in the 220 working bag. I know that with buds, this is what we toss but the amount of material and this being an experiment made me wanna keep it.

It seems like the hash is indica dominant, I didn't get much in the lower micron sizes below 120.

The water that was left after all the bags were pulled had some sediments sitting in it. I believe these to be dust and other contaminants.

I will report back on the smoke test once everything is dry.

Green Supreme
06-06-2008, 11:46 PM
Nice Bro. Hmmhmm Bubblebox mumble mumble. Hope all is well for you. Peace GS

06-07-2008, 12:58 AM
Yeah nice little photo essay there, thanks for the info mr t. i havent used dry sift in a long time thru the bags, but did it a few times in the past when i first got the company going.
Worked very well for inproving potency each time i did it thats for sure.
will look foreward to your smoke report

Bubble man

06-07-2008, 12:59 AM
Very nice test indeed. I too am curious as to the results. Mumble mumble ya figure bubblebox mumble mumble?

So how is the smoke?:)

Mr T
06-11-2008, 09:51 PM
Smoke Report

The refining process eliminated more than half of the starting material. I used 25 gr and ended up with around 14 gr. 6 grams out of which is the 220 screen stuff, so I figure one third of the starting material is actually smokable. There are rumors of the local hash being adulterated with henna and other things, I'm happy to avoid with the Bubblebags.

The processed material easily crumbles into dust consistency.

Before the process the dry sift smoked harsh. The quality of the smoke is way better after the process.

As far as the high goes, it still doesn't compare to the bubble I experienced in BC, it is mediocre, however, it still works. I miss the initial escalating feeling of bubble, giving me a quick sweat and a large smile...

About your suggestions for the Bubblebox, I've owned one in the past and I wish I had it with me now. I wonder how long it would take me to work 25 gr. Patience is a challenge sometimes.

06-12-2008, 12:07 AM
I've used a combination of bubblebags & bubblebox method to clean dry sift, 3 lbs dry sift turned into 18 oz & the smell, taste & look were much better.
By bubblebox method I mean I took the bubblebox idea of pushing the contaminant through the final screen keeping the good stuff on top, so I got a 55 micron silkscreen in a frame at a print shop then put it on top of a boxed in 1400 cfm squirrel cage fan with a couple furnace filters in between. That cut the weight by about 50%.
Then I just used a 25 micron bubblebag, mixed up the sift & let it settle, scooped all the crap that floated & it was done.

07-01-2008, 11:28 PM
I'm hoping to make melty dry sift using bubblebags without ice / water . Bubblebags i have are 220 micron , 190 , 120 , 73 , 45 , & 25 . Think i lost a bag somewhere . Have been achieving full melt using this kit with ice / water , but imo the flavor is less than desirable compared to my herb . So what do you think ? , any tips or advice would be greatly apreciated . Thanks

Green Supreme
07-02-2008, 12:25 AM
Freeze everything and do it in as cold a place as possible. Refrigerated spaces are best. Good luck. Peace GS

07-02-2008, 12:52 AM
Thanks Green Supreme , maybe I can call on a friend in the food service industry . As far as technique goes , stacked bags in a bucket or 1 bag at a time stretched over a bowl ? . Made my first attempt last night , best was only about half melt .
Thanks again for your assistance .

Green Supreme
07-02-2008, 01:23 AM
Had a buddy once told me he put all the bags into a 5 gallon pail. He added the material then built a loose fitting lid. He had a hole cut in the bottom of the bucket to attach a vacuum cleaner. He said he just shook the material and let the vac draw the material through the bag. Not sure if I would recommend it personally but he said it works fine. Good luck whatever you decide. Peace GS

Kif it Kunta
07-03-2008, 02:24 PM
there's been some good info in this thread....but by just using 5, 6, 7 or 8 meshes alone won't guarantee you that will produce the "pure" as there will always be contaminants the same size as the heads that remain and are not completely separated later

the main things to keep in mind is to not allow the contaminants in, rather than try to remove them later..so always do at least two runs, one gentle run for the pure and then another more aggressive run for the remainding resin heads on the material using a wider range of meshes that will never be as clean (no matter what you do...as has been noticed in this thread)

and the next thing to do on this first "pure" run is to isolate your desired resin heads within a narrow range, rather than sifting all of the various head sizes and then trying to purify them...do this by firstly working out what your desired range of resin heads are within eg a 10 or 20 micron range and then start dry sifting by using two meshes that are close to the max. and min. of this range (not by using 220, 160 or other micron meshes that will allow much more non-active rubbish in with the good stuff)..then clean the heads on the minimum mesh with a card forcing the contaminants and smaller heads through (while the selected range remain on top of the mesh)

The above method will produce a much purer hash than techniques previously posted (anywhere lol) ...I also suspect that this is how Sam Skunkman produces his legendary dry sift using his "secret method" (as well as by using the best clone selected from 40 years of growing, aged plant material and by sifting it between a very narrow select size range of meshes)

and of course, resift all of the remaining material, including what was left above and below the first run to reap the remaining heads and then clean it using techniques mentioned in this thread - multiple meshes, agitating, carding and or vaccuuming etc etc)

happy dry sifting!